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We recognise the sweeping changes currently faced by the Bar.

Chambers are being encouraged to establish and market new business structures to increase their ability to respond to the rapidly changing economic and regulatory climate. At the same time clerks and chambers managers have to come to grips with the management of corporate structures, find and win new business as well as increasingly difficult issues of financial management.

Ascot Drummond can help chambers develop and implement customer centric business strategies, operational processes and culture re-alignment.


Our team of professionals have core competencies in strategy development, marketing, finance, organisational development and managing change. Our projects will invariably include one or more of the following activities:

  • Business strategy review/alignment (i.e. product/service/market/segmentation)
  • Operational review
  • Operational process analysis
  • Operational process re-design
  • Structural review/re-design
  • Organisational change management

Our approach to consulting assignments is one of knowledge and facilitation. We blend the application of specialist knowledge with previous experience in a shared learning environment with our clients.



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