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We have developed a range of affordable accounting, taxation and financial services for barristers & advocates which are suited to all stages of your career at the Bar. Whether it’s assistance in preparing your VAT returns, or advice on how to mitigate your tax liability, our team will be there for you. It costs nothing to ask!


Ascot Drummond seeks to be the first point of call for Heads of Chambers, Chambers Directors and Senior Clerks for all their accounting, financial, marketing and consultancy needs. If we do not have a cost effective solution for you, we guarantee that someone within our network does. Whether it’s guidance on your accounting system, assistance in establishing and managing a procurement company or simply a health check - make us your first point of contact.


We all know how important clerks are to the smooth operation of the bar - isn’t it strange therefore that as a group you are neglected by our competitors. If you are a clerk and feel you can benefit from our dedicated accounting, taxation and financial services we want to hear from you.

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