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About Us

Ascot Drummond has been at the forefront of Online Accountancy since 1998, but as you will soon discover, we are not just online accountants!

Headquartered in Dundee and with offices in the heart of the legal profession in London we pride ourselves on the dedicated service we provide to our Bar clients (legal fraternity); service based on motivated people combined where appropriate with online systems. Our systems are being continually developed, and this, together with our team of highly qualified and dedicated staff bringing together years of accounting experience, ensures complete customer satisfaction. With a wide range of backgrounds our team, comprising many long-serving staff members, offers excellence across all our service areas.

Five good reasons for using Ascot Drummond

Specialist knowledge of all aspects of the Bar

Unlike many accountants, we genuinely understand the needs, nuances and culture of the Bar and the people within it; most importantly we believe we understand where the Bar is heading, which will help us guide you and your chambers on the right path. We don’t just want to be known as Bar Accountants; we want to be seen as thought leaders.

Reduced costs

Ascot Drummond will reduce your business costs and free up additional time for you to concentrate on developing your business. You will know the exact cost of managing your finances either with a fixed monthly fee or by an agreed price per activity – no more surprises. We will give you help and advice and assist you to speed up the monthly accounting process.

Informed decision making

Business decisions can be taken based on current information and not on information from a week, a month or even longer ago. With our online systems, our barrister & advocate clients can access financial information as and when they want and as frequently as you need. Keep on top of your accounts throughout the year and avoid the end of year panic. We can take care of it all.

It’s a partnership

Whist we understand the bar has a natural aversion to partnerships, we view our relationship with our bar clients as a partnership. We are in this together, our client’s success is our success and our long term success will benefit our clients with better functionality, reduced fees and a wider range of services.

We also give back

Even though our roots are in Scotland, we don’t want to be seen as money grabbing accountants, our relationship with the bar has to be much more symbiotic than that. We genuinely believe that what we put back into the bar will help us reap rewards in the future. How many accountants do you know who give their clients a discount on fees for remaining loyal or have committed to donate a percentage of their earnings to the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks Benevolent Society?


If we have whetted your appetite, and you are ready for a change of accountants, then switching to Ascot Drummond is literally a piece of cake!

To find out how easy, please contact us by phone or using our enquiry form.

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