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Management Accounts

At Ascot Drummond we can provide a service, which includes:

  • Monthly Cash Projections
  • Monthly report showing actual figures to date
  • Quarterly Projected v Budget income and expense comparisons (if Budget figures are available)

Management accounts are essential for medium sized businesses. They help a business to understand what is going on, control the business and make better decisions. e.g. using variable costs of sales or levels of demand and forecasting costs for new products where budget information is available.

Planning, budgeting, forecasting

Our experienced staff at Ascot Drummond can help gather information to efficiently and effectively plan for the future. Any business should plan ahead to ensure success and avoid any pitfalls, especially in the early years or in periods of change. This starts with an idea of what you aim to achieve, breaking it down into smaller chunks, achievable tasks, target setting and developing systems to record when achievements have been made or corrective action is necessary. Financial aspects of your business plan need to be detailed enough and robust enough to support the important business decisions you make.

Businesses may wish to know how they expect to perform over a specific period. Ideally this should cover a 12 or 18 month period. Reviewing a cash-flow forecast can help show if problems are likely to occur and prevent any potential crises. It should hold detailed information on cash flows on a monthly basis and any assumptions on which these are based. At Ascot Drummond, our staff can provide a financial planning service.