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Payroll and end of year returns

Payroll can be time consuming and complicated. There is an increasing burden on businesses to comply with taxation and employment legislation. Our comprehensive services can save you time and money and include the filing of payroll returns and production of payslips.

Ascot Drummond run and upload your payroll to your secure online site.

  • PAYE payments can be added to your secure site in order to give you an up to date PAYE liability.
  • Our services include computer generated pay slips, administration of PAYE, national insurance contribution, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay etc, summaries and analysis of staff costs. We also prepare monthly payroll and Employer's Annual Returns e.g. P14, P35, P60. At no extra cost, once you have authorized these returns we can submit them for you online.
  • PAYE services include; computer generated pay-slips, administration of PAYE and statutory returns, summaries and analysis of staff costs, administration of incentive schemes and piece work, completion of P45 and P46, completion of year end payroll returns (P11D, P14, P35, P60 etc).